Bridge Between Generations

Bridge Between Generations2013-05-02T02:39:20-04:00

Hi, my name is Sascha Altman DuBrul.

December 18th, 2012 was the 25th anniversary of the death of my father, Paul Anthony DuBrul.

My father was an outspoken political strategist, community organizer and muckraking journalist who lead a really interesting life and died at the age of 49 of cystic fibrosis, years after he was expected to live.

I’m putting up this website both for people who knew my dad and for people who are familiar with my life and work, and hoping to use his memory to initiate interesting conversations and build bridges between generations of community activists, radical journalists, and social justice organizers.

I’m interested in making connections with people who knew my father and would be willing to share some memories of his life and work that can be posted publicly online. I know little pieces of stories about him working in the Civil Rights Movement and as a housing organizer on the Lower East Side and as a trade unionist in the open shop south. I have old copies of the books he wrote with Jack Newfield in the 1970’s about corruption in New York City politics.  I remember his terrible temper and his amazing laugh and I’ve been carrying around so many stories about the man for so long that this anniversary feels like an appropriate moment to begin to put some of them out there in the world.